Jump-Start Your Community

The State of Indiana Office of Community of Rural Affairs (OCRA) invites your community to participate in the Community Readiness Initiative. Through the CRI, you will gain insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your community so you can determine the course of action that will foster better community planning and growth.

Once you complete the sign-up form, you will be contacted by the CRI team at Ball State University (cri@bsu.edu) to continue the Community Readiness Initiative process. A description of the CRI process can be found at http://cri.cberdata.org/communityFAQ.

Let's begin now!

* 1. Your county (Indiana only):

* 2. Do you represent a specific city/town within that county?

* 3. Which group, business, or organization do you represent?
Example: "Sample County Regional Development Council" or "Anyplace Town Council"

* 4. Your contact information

* 5. Are you the primary contact person for the group mentioned in Question 3? (If not, you will be asked to provide the primary contact person's information on the next page.)