* 1. What would you like to experience, accomplish or create as a result of your participation in the 9-Month Soul Songs Luminaries Program?

* 2. What songs or songwriting projects are you currently writing (or wish you were writing)?

* 3. Where are you feeling challenged with your songwriting? What (if any) obstacles, are there?

* 4. How do your life purpose, creative process and/or spiritual beliefs support your songwriting?

* 5. Are you able to invest the time, energy and money into a 9-month program?

* 6. What is your full name and email?

* 7. Thanks for sharing about you and your music!

To complete your application, please send an mp3 or video of a song you've written to soulsongsluminaries@anneheaton.com. A phone video or voice memo is fine.

I'll be in touch personally after I review your application!