Pricing Info

Residents: The classifieds section of Passages is provide d to you when you offer items for sale or services, on a part-time basis only.

First 4 lines: FREE 
5 lines or more: $3 per line

Businesses / Full-Time Services: Businesses may include a text only ad in the "Services" section of the classifieds. Residents submitting a business text ad are eligible for a 30% discount, provided they are in good standing with assessments. 

First 4 Lines: $15 
5 lines or more: $3 per line
Payment is on a printed issue basis, (digital issues are FREE). 

Deadline for ad submittal is by the 15th of the month, for the following month’s issue. For more information, contact:
Ashley Frolick | 210.681.2983 ext. 109 |

* 1. Select a Classified Category

* 2. Headline 1-2 words, 30 characters max

* 3. Ad Text (by line - each line allows 30 characters)

* 4. Select the months you would like to run the ad. 

Note: If applicable, payment is required for PRINTED ISSUES only. Digital issues are FREE with a printed issue contract.

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All ads submitted are subject to space availability and acceptance by The Association management. The Association claims no liability for the content of any ads, including omission or errors, nor products and services advertised.

Note: Please allow up to 1 business day for your agreement to be processed. If you chose an option requiring payment, you will be contacted by a GNW representative for payment options.