Dear Participants,

The aim of the study is explore Intensive Care Nurses knowledge about the dimensions of Cultural Competency, such as awareness and sensitivity, behavior, patient centered communication, practice orientation, and self-assessment.
Your participation is invaluable, as it would help us gain knowledge to improve Intensive Care nursing practice and education. You participation requires only the completion of an electronic questionnaire via the link provided. Your voluntary response to this request constitutes your informed consent to your participation in this activity.You may stop responding to the questionnaire if you feel uncomfortable with any part of the questionnaire. The questionnaire will take approximately 15 minutes to complete and will be done electronically via survey monkey link. The questionnaire is stored electronically and only researcher will have access to it. No personal data about the nurses will be included in the results.
You may email or contact the researcher via email. Email Samira Ali via Samar22193 @yahoo.com or call 571-338-0896 or Jawaher Abdullah Bin Jumah at jjumah@ksu.edu.sa
Thank you for your valuable contribution to this research.


Jawaher Abdullah Bin Jumah RN,PHD(c) 
Samira Ali,DNP, RN