EDA Class Project Survey

Participation in this survey is completely voluntary. Your answers will not be used to identify or incriminate you. However, we do value your participation!

Please note: A drink is defined as:
o 12-oz. beer
o 8.5-oz. malt beverage
o 12-oz. wine cooler
o 5-oz. glass of wine
o 1.5-oz. of liquor (either mixed or as shot)

* 1. What is your gender?

* 2. What is your age in years?

* 3. For how many credit hours are you currently enrolled?

* 4. What is your academic major?

* 5. During the current semester, have you consumed alcohol (i.e., had more than a few sips of beer, wine, or liquor)?

* 6. On average throughout the current semester, how many drinks have you consumed per week?

* 7. In the past two weeks when you consumed alcohol, where did you spend most of your time drinking?