* 1. Demographic Information (we will only use your contact information for our Kahuku Career Assistance program, we will not share your information with 3rd parties)

* 2. What year did you graduate from Kahuku High and Intermediate School? (please enter year as 4 digit number)

* 3. Career Pathway (you may select more than one)

* 4. Apprenticeship Programs Taken (if any)

* 5. Institution(s) Of Higher Learning Attended (if any)

* 6. College Degrees Earned (if any)

* 7. Military Duty (if any)

* 8. Present Occupation (or Last Occupation if Retired)

* 9. Can you provide Kahuku High and Intermediate students with Career Education Assistance?

* 10. Please Provide Comments and Suggestions on how you can help KHIS students selecting their Career Pathway. Mahalo for taking time to fill out our survey!

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