* 1. What are the major concerns you have around food for you, your family, your community, the world at large?

* 2. What are the major challenges you have around food?

* 3. What have you done so far to address those concerns or challenges?

* 4. How was that for you? What challenges you encounter and what would you need to continue, try again or try differently? What has worked well?

* 5. Would you pay for workshops or 1-1 consultations around topics such as healthy food budgeting and preparation, food preservation (beyond canning but also including canning), making food from scratch, growing food in small spaces and/or other creative ways to counteract the above food issues and have some more food sovereignty and health?

* 6. Would you prefer a 1-1, community workshop, online or a mix of all these approaches for this?

* 7. Do you have any other comments of feedback you would like to share?