Thank you for your input!

Community Partners,

First of all, Suzy Pukys and I would like to thank you for all of the hard work you do for the community. It is because of you and your organization's mission that Central Texans are able to become more empowered in their daily lives and meet necessary needs.

The following survey is an attempt to refresh and review the partnership between your organization and Southwestern University. We hope to continue to enhance our relationship together in order to further strengthen our community, and we would love your honest and thorough feedback. All responses will be used confidentially unless to further highlight the opportunities at your organization.

With sincere appreciation,
Jessica Hager, Specialist/AmeriCorps*VISTA
Suzy Pukys, Director

Office of Civic Engagement, Southwestern University

* 1. Please fill out the following, including your name and position at your organization.

* 2. Your organization's relationship with Southwestern University.

  No Relationship. We have worked with SU in some fashion on 1 or 2 occasions. We work together if the need is there. Our relationship together has grown stronger over the years. We continue to have a strong relationship with SU and its students.
How do you feel the relationship with Southwestern University (SU) and your organization currently stands?

* 3. What assistance is needed at your organization?

Please include details such as the general time frame of these needs (daily, weekly, one time, holidays, etc), the major annual events you call on volunteers for, and the possibility of having student interns (Do they receive a stipend?).

* 4. What skills and information would be helpful for students to have prior to their work and/or volunteer time with your organization?

* 5. If we created a link on our website that contained resources for community partners, would you use/refer to it?

* 6. What challenges have you faced in working with students?

* 7. What thoughts do have about ways in which we can ameliorate any challenges, and are there expectations we can be sure to communicate to students before they enter into a working relationship with you?

* 8. What are some structural or organizational needs you see within the social services and non-profit sector of Georgetown, Williamson County, and/or Central Texas?

* 9. Additional Comments?