Survey Information and Instructions

Your responses to the following questions will help us renew the Clackamas County Cultural Plan. This plan is absolutely essential to keeping funds flowing to Clackamas County culture from the Oregon Cultural Trust.

 As you respond to the following questions we ask that you think about what local culture means to you, and let your responses be guided by your own beliefs.

We include the arts, history, heritage, and humanities in our definition of culture. History and heritage define who we are and inform our future through preservation, interpretation, access, and sharing what holds collective meaning. Art forms of all kinds grow our expressive minds, skills, and encourage creativity and compassion. Humanities, including literature, dialogue, and critical thinking, help to deepen understanding of what it means to be human.

Now, have fun responding to these questions as you think about how YOU define and value culture! OPTIONAL: Enter your email before submitting your survey and be entered to win a $25 gift card. Your choice!

* 1. What is your experience with the Clackamas County Cultural Coalition?

* 2. Imagine a Clackamas County that is teeming with local culture.

* 3. Using YOUR definition of culture, what are our cultural strengths/assets in Clackamas County? What are you especially proud of?

* 4. Using YOUR definition of culture, what are barriers to you and others participating in culture in Clackamas County?

* 5. If you could write three $10,000 checks to further cultural achievement/growth in Clackamas County, what areas or projects or organizations would you support? Please be specific.

* 6. Please include your email address here if you want to receive the 2017-2021 Clackamas County Cultural Plan, expected to be completed by September 2017.

We value your privacy and we also value your time! If you would like your survey to be anonymous, just hit “DONE” now. To be entered into the drawing, we require your contact information (enter above in Question 6) so that we may contact you in the event you are the winner. No emails collected for purposes of the drawing will be used for any other purpose, nor will they be sold by Clackamas County Cultural Coalition or their partners. One entry permitted per person.

Please forward this survey link to your friends and colleagues in Clackamas County before May 22. And many, many thanks for your feedback!

This project is supported in part by a grant from Clackamas County Tourism & Cultural Affairs.