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Research Description and Purpose of the Study:
We invite you to participate in a research study about how and why people decide about having a cardiac defibrillator device implanted. Not enough is understood about how people approach this decision, and how they make the decision. Your experience and your responses will help us to understand the process better. This project is directed by Paul Kantor, Ph.D., and Cecilia Gal, Ed.M., of the School of Communication and Information, at Rutgers University.

Please note that you must be at least 18 years of age to participate.
Please do not continue if you are not 18 or older.

We expect that it will take between 10 and 15 minutes to complete the online survey. If you choose to participate, we ask that you set aside time to complete the whole survey in one sitting.

Risks and Benefits:
This research will not benefit you directly, but it will help to better provide computer supported health care to others in the future. There are no foreseeable risks to participating in this research, although recalling and talking about the experience of deciding whether to be implanted with a device may be uncomfortable.

Protection of Privacy and Confidentiality of Data:
We will do our best to protect your privacy as a research participant. Because this information is being sent (transmitted) over the Internet, there is a possibility that an outside party (such as a computer hacker) may be able to gain access to your information. If this survey is completed on a computer in a publicly accessible area, such as in a restaurant, at school or work, please understand that this can increase the possibility that others may be able to access your survey responses. Therefore, it is strongly advised that this survey be completed on a private computer to protect your privacy. Please remember to always completely close your browser (or log-off the survey area) after completing the survey.

The survey is completely anonymous. The software used to collect the data will not record the IP address of your computer or any other identifying information. We will not ask questions related to your identity. In this way, your responses will never be associated with you personally and all responses are completely anonymous.

The research team and the Institutional Review Board (a committee that reviews research studies in order to protect research participants) at Rutgers University are the only parties that will be allowed to see the data, except as may be required by law. If a report of this study is published, or the results are presented at a professional conference, only group results will be stated. All study data will be kept for 6 years.

Voluntary Participation:
Your participation is entirely voluntary and you may choose not to participate in this study or withdraw your consent at any time. You may skip any question that makes you feel uncomfortable or that you do not wish to answer. You will not be penalized in any way should you choose not to participate or withdraw.

Contact Information:
We are available to answer your questions about this research.

You may contact the Project Director at:
Cecilia Gal
732-932-7500 x8220
Email: cgal@rutgers.edu
4 Huntington St., Room 302
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

You may contact the Principal Investigator at:
Paul Kantor
Principal Investigator
732-932-7500 x8216
Email: paul.kantor@rutgers.edu
4 Huntington St., Room 310
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

If you have any questions about your rights as a research subject, you may contact the IRB Administrator at Rutgers University at:
Rutgers University Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects
Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
3 Rutgers Plaza, New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8559
Tel: 732-932-0150 x 2104
Email: humansubjects@orsp.rutgers.edu

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This Internet Research Information Sheet was approved by the Rutgers University Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects on 01/23/2011; approval of this sheet expires on 01/22/2012.

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Thank you,
Paul B. Kantor (Principal Investigator)
Cecilia Gal (Project Director)