The following Safety Regulations will be strictly followed by all participants in the vendor booths:

• All exhibitors offering live demonstrations will have an approved Audience Protection Shield (APS), built in accordance with the attached specifications, or equivalent. The shield will be suitably positioned to protect the size of audience expected. This includes any turning, cutting, grinding, or other activities that can create flying debris. Exhibitors lacking required safety shields cannot be permitted to demonstrate in the Trade Show, so please be sure to equip your booth with as many as applicable.

• All demonstrators must provide and use appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the task at hand. This includes face shields for eye and face protection; suitable shoes are also required for foot protection. At a minimum, eye protection is required for any demonstration involving cutting, grinding, sawing, or other potentially hazardous operations; full face shields are required for all turning, NO EXCEPTIONS. Personal Protective Equipment will not be provided by AAW.

• Any other booth personnel that are not demonstrating will have and use appropriate PPE protection when in the area of activity. Anyone joining the demonstration will be supplied with appropriate PPE for the task at hand. This includes eye, face, footwear, and dust protection equipment as needed.

• Any exhibitor who allows “testing” of products or equipment by audience members/attendees is responsible for the attendee to be properly supplied with PPE and to follow all proper safety procedures. The exhibitor will be in attendance for the duration of the “testing”.

• Exhibitors will have ongoing clean‐up of all chips and debris generated to provide for safe passage of attendees. This includes the exhibitor’s booth, public aisles and neighboring exhibitor spaces. NOTE: The exhibitor is responsible for bringing necessary cleaning equipment (broom, dustpan, etc.) – these will not be supplied by the AAW or the Portland Convention Center. Waste cans will be made available as necessary.

• We encourage a minimum amount of sanding operations in the Trade Show. If you intend to use abrasives or other procedures that generate airborne dust, use of a suitable dust extractor is required. Exhibitors will be responsible to minimize dust hazards within their own booths, and must also eliminate any airborne dust drifting to adjacent booths.

• Exhibitors will be responsible to keep a safe working environment during set up and tear down, including placement of materials, avoiding tripping hazards such as cords/hand trucks/moving dollies, tools and equipment, etc. Packing debris, paper/padding, or other discarded items will be removed from floor and aisle areas to minimize chances of accidents or injuries due to tripping, slipping, etc.. The use of aisle/public areas during set-up should be minimized and all materials kept within the booth area whenever possible.

• Center rules prohibit the use or creation of open flames in any area.
• Center rules prohibit the use of microwave ovens in any area.
• Health and Safety regulations require all attendees, vendors, and related personnel to have appropriate attire, including shirts and footwear. Persons lacking shirts or footwear will not be permitted entry to the Trade Show or other areas of the Convention Center.

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* 1. I hereby acknowledge that I have read the AAW 2018 Portland Symposium - Booth Safety Regulations.  Failure to agree to the AAW 2018 Portland Symposium Booth Safety Regulations by June 1, 2018 may result in the vendor being denied setup in Portland.

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