Please take a moment to complete this survey. We would like to determine the level of interest in our Health Promotion Studies Degree. We currently offer two options: Community Health and Wellness Management. We are considering adding a third option in Holistic and Integrative Health. Answer the questions to the best of your ability.

Community Health: Learn how to enhance the well-being of communities and public health systems by: assessing a community’s overall health through an examination of health status, behavioral risks, available health resources, and the quality of living conditions and development of programs that can lead to healthier environments and better health for individuals.

Wellness Management: Follows the same core curriculum as the Community Health Option. Physical activity, nutrition, and worksite wellness are the primary areas of focus for Wellness Management whereas the Community Health option is more general. Students are prepared to be wellness coaches and to manage wellness programs.

Holistic and Integrative Health: Follows the same core curriculum as above. In addition students will explore the diverse systems that are considered complementary or integrative health and will gain an awareness of the philosophies of health and healing that unite all of these systems. The benefits of emphasizing wellness, building a strong relationship between provider and client, promoting self-healing, and using nutritional approaches, traditional methods and other natural healing techniques are the areas of focus.

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Holistic and Integrative Health Option
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