We are students of a course on Human-Centered Design for Social Innovation.

Course Challenge: Create new systems or strengthen existing programs that cultivate and support social impact/entrepreneurship as a viable career path.

This survey is for people who have had ideas for social change/enterprise. Whether or not your idea/s came to life, we want to hear about your experience in attempting to bring your idea beyond the idea phase and into reality, or why you did not make an attempt; what discouraged you? where did you need help yet could not find it? ect...

Survey Purpose: to gather information from people who have had ideas for social change. Learn of their experiences regarding the infrastructure of support (networks, community, mentors, family) or lack thereof, when seeking knowledge and experience to confront major decisions and building resilience in the face of setbacks.

* 1. What is your occupation and briefly describe what it is you do.

* 2. Explain how you are or plan to be involved in social impact/change/entrepreneurship.

* 3. If you ever had an idea for social impact/change, whether you attempted to bring your idea to life or not, tell us about your experience in trying to make it happen. Explain what, where, and how your infrastructure of support (networks, mentors, funding, communities, family, ect...) helped or was lacking.

* 4. What/who did you find helpful at assisting in your attempt to bring your idea to life and why?

* 5. Tell us the top obstacles and difficulties you faced trying to make your idea a reality.

* 6. If your family and friends were unsupportive of your social change idea/project, tell us why?

* 7. What support systems/networks/programs would you create to help you bring your ideas to life? (Things that would have helped you the most.) and tell us why.

* 8. Anything else you would like to share with us in helping to create a better support infrastructure for aspiring social entrepreneurs?

* 9. Tell us more about yourself; your age, gender, home city/country, highest grade completed, college/university, and characteristics that best describe your typical behaviors and activities.

* 10. List some influences that affected you during your idea challenge; political, economic, figures…