Welcome to the SBTi Oil&Gas and Integrated Energy Company Methodology Public Consultation

We invite you to provide your feedback, opinions, and comments on setting science-based targets for Oil&Gas and Integrated Energy companies. Please provide your comments to the key questions as well as your general feedback on this survey.

The key questions refer to the material in the SBTi Oil&Gas and Integrated Energy Guidance document. You can find the link to the guidance document and all relevant materials on the SBTi Oil&Gas website here.

The detailed key questions and public consultation information are located in the 'Key Questions & Logistics for consultation' document also on the SBTi Oil&Gas website.

On the first page of the survey you will be asked to provide some contact information. On the next page, you will find the key questions with space for your answers. On the final page, you have the opportunity to provide general feedback on the guidance.

For comments on the text outside of the key questions, please identify which section of the document each comment refers to by identifying the section, table, or chart and the page number of the guidance document. For comments on tables, please provide the column and row number. For general comments that do not refer to a specific portion of the text, please title your comment “general”. 

Please email paulina.tarrant@gmail.com with any questions.