State of the American Veteran in California | Sep. 15-16, 2016

* 1. Please rate your overall conference experience.

  Excellent Good Fair Poor
Overall conference
Overall content and activities
Conference registration process and website
Conference logistics and staff support
Conference visual aids and handouts
Conference logistics (venue, catering, room setup, email reminders, etc.)

* 2. What were the most valuable parts of your conference experience?

* 3. What parts of the conference do you feel could be improved and what might those improvements be?

* 4. Please provide your level of agreement with the statements below.

  Strongly Agree Agree Neither Agree nor Disagree Disagree Strongly Disagree
The SAVC conference was an excellent experience.
The breakout sessions provided valuable opportunities to address topics.
The breakout session speakers and format encouraged participation.
The SAVC conference provided opportunities for networking with my peers.
The SAVC conference met my expectations.
I would attend this conference if it were to happen again.
I would recommend this conference to others.

* 5. Please rate the conference plenary speakers.

  Excellent Good Fair Poor
Carl Castro, USC CIR
Keith Boylan, CalVet
Vito Imbasciani, CalVet
Phillip Brozenick, Deloitte

* 6. Which breakout session did you participate in?

* 7. How might you apply what you learned/experienced at the conference?

* 8. Which category best describes the organization you represented?

* 9. What geographic region does your organization serve? (If multiple, please select primary service area.)

* 10. As it relates to veterans, what is your organization's focus area? (If multiple, please select the primary service area.)