Parent/Congregational Input

We are currently developing a plan for Youth Ministry at First Baptist Church in Cornwall and would appreciate the input of our congregation, particularly parents of youth.  We would so much appreciate your taking the time to prayerfully complete these simple questions.
Yours in Christ's Service
Dave & Sandy Wood

* 2. What is your perception of youth ministry at First Baptist Church in Cornwall?

* 3. What are the components of effective youth service projects for teens?

* 4. What do you think the most important parts of ministering to teenagers  are? (weekly meetings, small groups, discipleship/mentoring, teaching, worshipping, having fun, etc.)

* 5. How best can we provide information about the youth ministry at First Baptist Church.

* 6. For activities involving a cost, what do you feel is a fair investment into a youth group activity?

* 7. Are you able to provide support to youth ministry at First Baptist?

* 8. Personal Info (for those who have offered help)