* 1. What is your greatest concern about water?

* 2. Please rank the items that concern you about water by beginning the question with, I am concerned about...

  Very  Somewhat  Unconcerned N/A
 how much water is available
where ample water is located
whether changes in land use such as new development including more housing,  deforestation, agriculture, etc. will impact ground and surface water.
the amount of water that can be extracted from the ground
aging septic systems that contaminate lakes, streams and the Muskegon River
a reduction in flow of water in the Muskegon River, lakes and/or tributaries
runoff that damages surface waters and fish habitats
invasive species

* 3. What do you think should be done to ensure water quantity and quality for the future in the Muskegon River Watershed?

* 4. How would you manage water resources for the watershed and its' users including: the economy, business, industry, the public, recreation and fishing, agriculture, the environment and others?

* 5. Please help us learn more about you. Check the category that best describes you. Please choose one.

* 6. Would you participate in a program to discuss water issues and possible solutions?

* 7. Thank you for answering these questions. You have now helped us plan a Water Summit that will lead to ways to manage water for all.