1. Introduction

The shared pathways on the Tasman Bridge are not conducive to safe travel by pedestrians and cyclists.

There is anecdotal evidence from a number of sources that in recent months there has been an increase in cycle crashes on the shared pathways.

There is currently no formal data collected on bicycle crashes on the Tasman Bridge so Bicycle Tasmania is conducting this survey to ascertain the occurence, seriousness and possible causes of such crashes. Please complete the survey if you have been involved in a bicycle crash on the Bridge at any time, how ever long ago it may have been.

This data is essential in our lobbying efforts to improve conditions on the Tasman Bridge for cyclists and pedestrians.

Although a widening of the shared pathways to a width that meets current standards is preferable, given the extremely high cost and practical difficulties of such improvements this is very unlikely especially in the short to medium term. However there are a number of possible modifications to the existing pathways and access routes that would significantly increase cyclist safety and convenience.

Only complete the survey if you have been personally involved in a bicycle crash on the Tasman Bridge. Do not complete the survey on behalf of someone else but by all means pass on the link to anyone you know who has had a crash on the bridge.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter, if you have any queries regarding the questionnaire please email info@biketas.org.au
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