STEPS (Class Content)

This survey is the final survey for STEPS students. It lets the teacher measure the course's effectiveness.

Mahalo for finishing the STEPS course. Please answer the following questions as thoroughly as possible. Your comments allow us to continually make this program better for future students like yourselves---

* 1. What was your favorite part of the STEPS program?

* 2. What made that area of learning your favorite?

* 3. List one thing you learned in each of the following areas

* 4. List one positive thing about each of the following

* 5. What did you find the most difficult in the STEPS classes?

* 6. Say one thing that you will do to empower yourself for the future
Empower: confidence and/or strength to do something

* 7. List things you learned for Life Skills (essential skills you need to live a richer more fulfilling life) in the STEPS class....

* 8. If you could grade yourself in the courses below what grade would you give yourself?

* 9. Please help us by telling us what you would have changed in this course!

Thank you again for coming to class, being a positive part of the course and giving us your time and input!!! Each of you is special and AWESOME. Make good choices, love life and be the best you can be!!!! SMILE---