Rate my Leadership

Please rate my leadership behaviour by giving your feedback below. Your responses are anonymous. I see only the compiled results. Please use N/A if you are not able to rate a behavior.

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* 1. Please candidly rate my behaviour

  Poor Below Average Average Above Average Exceptional N/A
1. Serves the mission, values and principles of the organization
2. Keeps commitments
3. Demonstrates courage and willingness to take a stand
4. Addresses conflict and resolves or de-escalates
5. Demonstrates competence in carrying out tasks, gets the job done
6. Is honest and transparent about intentions and expectations
7. Manages projects well and gives clear directions to others
8. Seeks input from as many people as possible before making important decisions
9. Looks beyond appearances and uncovers what is going on below the surface
10. Knows own weaknesses and constantly works to improve
11. Demonstrates sensitivity and empathy
12. Shows respect and is impartial in the treatment of others
13. Listens for the underlying unmet needs
14. Genuinely cares about people
15. Connects with others and seeks collaboration
16. Is confident and optimistic about success
17. Supports and guides the growth of others
18. Inspires others to contribute to a project and gives credit where credit is due
19. Takes responsibility and knows and exhibits that the " buck stops here"
20. Extends trust to others

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* 2. Please name one thing I can do to be a better leader