The Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP) has, over the last 12 months been working with employers and payroll software/service providers to offer a saving through payroll scheme. The CIPP’s focus, whilst not exclusively, has been credit unions being the mechanism for this saving through payroll deduction. Our aim is to help employees save for that “rainy day” and also have access to competitive loans rather than turn to some of the more costly alternatives. The CIPP currently has a webpage with details on saving through payroll for employers, but would like to host a brand new webpage dedicated to credit unions. This facility would be free of charge to credit unions and would allow the CIPP, through a dedicated resource to facilitate an employer’s journey when looking to introduce a saving through payroll scheme. To help us do this we need the help of credit unions. We would like to create a database with all the different credit union details, include key criteria in a table format on our website so employers can identify which credit union might suit their needs best. Please do answer as many questions as you can to provide us with as much information as possible. For help with this survey please contact the CIPP on 0121 7121037. Please note by completing this survey you agree to the details you supply being used by the CIPP to create the database and the CIPP website page.