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* 1. Name of Person completing Action Plan:

* 2. Name of Unit Leader

* 3. Indicate which unit this action plan addresses:

* 4. Please check the actual cluster areas from the survey analysist that this action plan addressed?

* 5. We recognize that strategies may have changed since the initial action plan, therefore, check all the strategies you used in this action plan, or indicate no change.

* 6. Based on the identified strategies, which was the most successful?

* 7. Did you engage work teams in this action planning? (Yes/No)

* 8. If no, explain why not? (engaging staff in developing and implementing the plan is a best practice in its success)

* 9. What is the status of this plan?

* 10. If your plan was derailed, what did you do to get it back on track, and what are your next steps?

* 11. What do you want to share about this experience?