Scholarship Form

As part of Blue Earth Alliance's commitment to diversity and inclusion we are able to offer a limited number of full and partial scholarships to this year's Collaborations for Cause conference. These will be awarded according to need. The deadline for consideration is April 28, 2017 at noon PDT. If you are selected, we will notify you by Monday, noon, and send you a code for registration and payment, if any.

* 1. What is your contact info (name, email, phone)?

* 2. Are you with an organization or business?

* 3. Why do you need a scholarship and how will you be able to use the information from the conference?

* 4. What can you afford to contribute?

* 5. Are you willing to volunteer at the conference?

* 6. Is there anything else we should know?

* 7. How did you hear about our conference?