* 1. The hospital was clean and odour-free

* 2. The front desk staff greeted me kindly upon arrival, and were friendly and helpful

* 3. I was satisfied with the number of minutes I spent waiting before my appointment

* 4. The Veterinarian was compassionate and caring

* 5. The Veterinarian explained things clearly and completely and I was confident in their knowledge and skills

* 6. I was satisfied with the way the Veterinarian and/or Technician handled my animal

* 7. I was satisfied with the amount of time I spent with the Veterinarian

* 8. I was satisfied with the value I received for the money I spent on this visit

* 9. I was satisfied with my overall experience on this visit

* 10. Date service was provided and the name of the Veterinarian that saw your pet on this visit.

Please feel free to share any comments you feel with help us understand why you rated us the way you did.