Cures Within Reach Patient Impact Legacy Award Requirements

The individual selected must fit the following profile:

• Is or was in a significant leadership position in the healthcare industry and has demonstrated a commitment to collaboration, service and/or support for repurposing in cancer

• Focused the attention of the healthcare industry, and the company he or she was/is leading, on improving the lives of cancer patients through repurposing

• If significant repurposing impact has already been made through the efforts of this industry leader, patients who use or used the repurposed treatment enjoyed an increased quality and/or length of life

• Willing to be honored by Cures Within Reach, including being featured in the GHRA event written and online materials

• Able to be present at the GHRA Event June 26, 2018 in the evening in Chicago

• Willing to give a short (4-6 minute) presentation about the repurposing achievement or contribution at the GHRA event

• Willing to be interviewed and perhaps videotaped prior to the event