1. Welcome!

Welcome to the Open Secret Project, part of a doctoral dissertation in Counseling Psychology by Andrew D. Reichert at Texas A&M University.

The open secret refers to a peculiar time in the lives of some GLBT people (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender) who have come out of the closet or whose sexuality is suspected by others, but not discussed. It's when people know, and people know that they know, but everyone pretends not to know (i.e., the elephant in the room). The purpose of this project is to learn more about the open secret and how it may relate to one or more psychological variables, such as stress, denial, self-esteem, or coping strategies.

Here's how you can help: If you have a story or an example of the open secret in your life and you are willing to be interviewed through a series of confidential email conversations, then please complete this initial screening survey. A final sample of participants will be selected for interviews based on the initial screening results. All names and identifying information, such as email addresses, will be kept strictly confidential to the extent allowed by law. As an added safety feature, this survey site is secured with SSL encryption. To learn more about the project, click "next" below, for a review of some Frequently Asked Questions or send me an email.

Thanks for your interest in the Open Secret Project.

Andrew D. Reichert, MS
Doctoral Student-Counseling Psychology
Texas A&M University