Give us your views by 9 June 2019

Powys County Council would like to get a better understanding of whether there is or could be a demand for electric vehicle charging points throughout the county.  

As a part of their ‘Road to Zero’ strategy, the UK government has made a commitment to stop the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2040 and want almost every car and van to be zero emission by 2050. With this is mind, if possible the council would like to play its part in preparing our residents and visitors for this change.

There may be an opportunity to access some funding to install charging points in some of our long stay car parks and we would like to understand residents views and, in particular, the views of anyone who owns an electric vehicle or who is thinking about buying one within the next two years.

The benefits of owning an electric car are becoming more widely accepted and acknowledged and naturally having more charging points provides more choice for everyone.  In particular it could benefit residents who do not have off-street car parking.

This survey and the feedback you give could help us to put a funding bid together.  Any bid for funding has to be based on evidence which sets out clearly the type of charging points we wish to install, the locations and the number. 

If this something you are interested in please do have your say and respond by the closing date of 9 June 2019.    

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* 1. Do you currently … ?    (If you choose "none of these" please skip to Q5)

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* 2. If you currently own, use or are considering buying an electric vehicle  please select which type you either have or would go for...

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* 3. Where do you or would you charge your vehicle?  You can select more than one answer if this applies.

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* 4. If our funding bid is successful, our plan is to install fast charging points (3 - 4 hour charging time) in a number of Powys owned car parks. How often do you think you would you use these charging points? (Car parks are accessible 24/7)  Note:  there would be a cost to charging your car using these points.

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* 5. We are considering installing charging points in 13 car parks in Powys. Which ones would you tend to use or where do you think these should go?  Please choose up to 3 car parks from the list.