* 1. What is your title?

* 2. Are you the primary purchaser of school supplies?

* 3. What grade levels do you purchase for? Please select all that apply.

* 4. When you shop for school supplies for your classroom, where do you primarily shop?

* 5. What are the top 5 products you purchase for school?

* 6. How important are brand names when purchasing office products?

  Not at all important Somewhat important Important Very Important Extremely important N/A
Scale of 1-5 with 1 being 'not at all important' and 5 being 'very important'

* 7. How do you learn about products?

* 8. How much do you spend for school supplies in a school year (estimated)?

* 9. What is your buying cycle? (when you typically shop for products)

* 10. What criteria do you use in choosing your school supplies store?

* 11. Do you work with school supply contracts?

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