1. Introduction

(A) What is it about dancing tango that makes people so addicted to it, and so passionate about it?

(B) Is there a difference between a woman's and a man's response to this question?

These are the two questions I'm trying to answer in this survey. This first draft of the survey is to get some preliminary responses. I've given you a dozen possible choices, but if I missed your response, please fill out the "Other" text box and I may include it in the final version. Thanks.

1. There are only two questions in this survey and you must answer both.
2. Survey responses will be available to anyone and everyone to download, analyze, and filter.
3. Your identification will NOT be given out, released, nor shown with the responses.
4. If you wish to view the results so far before taking the survey, click here.
5. After completing the survey, a link will again be provided for you to view a compilation of everyone's responses (including yours).
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