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The United Nations General Assembly will hold its first high-level meeting on HIV since 2016 on 8–10 June 2021. APCOM is organising two short Key Populations Talks with LGBTQI organisations across the Asia-Pacific to ensure that our collective priorities and recommendations are considered during the 2021 High-Level Meeting on HIV/AIDS.


By taking part in one of the Key Population Talks on 28 and 29 April, you will have an opportunity to influence the review of progress and implementation since the 2016 Political Declaration; to push for LGBTQI language to be included in the 2021 Political Declaration and that our community becomes involved in monitoring of implementation of the 2021 Political Declaration. 

Please fill in this registration form and questionnaire by Monday 26 April (midnight, Bangkok time).

If you have any question regarding the Talks, please don’t hesitate to contact Midnight, APCOM Executive Director at

We look forward to your active participation!
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