There is an urgent need for Northeast Ohio residents to understand climate change, talk about what it means for the future, reduce its potential impacts, and adapt to any potential changes. Both residents and local government leaders must work together to increase Northeast Ohio’s resilience to climate change. Resilience is the ability of people and communities to withstand the impacts of a hazard, such as a severe storm or a heat wave. People and communities that are more resilient are better able to resist, absorb, accommodate, adapt, transform, and recover when a hazard occurs.
This survey is an opportunity for you to voice ideas and provide potential solutions that might help reduce, or “mitigate,” human impact on climate or adapt to changes in climate. NOACA’s planning process brings mitigation and adaptation together within one integrated, regional plan ( NOACA wants you to help develop this plan through your responses to the questions posed here.
Thank you very much for your participation and your contribution to this important effort!