* 2. Attending this webinar improved my ability to understand and identify polyvictimization, complex trauma, and the specific victim population or topic addressed.

* 3. Attending this webinar improved my ability to impart knowledge to the victim population that I serve.

* 4. I am better able to provide services (e.g. evaluation, treatment, supervision, advocacy, child welfare services, legal services, mental health services, referrals, other social services, etc.) to polyvictims.

* 5. I have increased my capacity to supervise or collaborate with other multidisciplinary providers serving victims.

* 6. The presenter was knowledgeable on the topic.

* 7. The presenter offered an engaging presentation on the topic.

* 8. The presentation materials and content were thorough and useful.

* 9. The presenter provided recommendations for my field of work

* 10. I would recommend this webinar to others.