Applicant Info

The Center for Asian and Pacific Studies is accepting proposals for
visiting speakers. To qualify as a Myung Sup Lim speaker, the candidate must
be qualified to give a public lecture on a topic related to Korean Studies.

Please complete the following information by the application deadline.

Fall Deadline: November 17, 2017
Spring Deadline: April 6, 2018

* 1. Primary Applicant's Name:

* 2. Department:

* 3. Status:

* 4. Phone Number:

* 5. Email Address:

* 6. Names and affiliations of additional faculty involved with this application:

* 7. Anticipated date of event

* 8. For which funding cycle are you applying?

* 9. What type of support are you seeking with this application?

* 10. Have you received a Lim Speaker award in the past?

* 11. If yes, when?

* 12. Name and affiliation of proposed speaker:

* 13. General Topic to be addressed: Please provide a very brief explanation of the proposed lecture and its significance to Korean Studies

* 14. Budget: Please provide information on the anticipated expenses so we can estimate the total cost of the event. The honorarium we typically pay is $500. We also budget $300 for publicity and venue rental. If you are requesting more for either of these categories, please indicate that in the "other" category.

* 15. All applicants are expected to secure costshare for speakers, either from their home departments or other relevant centers. Please list the sources of support and dollar amounts you have already secured:

* 16. Please list the departments or centers you have contacted or intend to contact for support, but do not yet have a confirmed commitment: