After 10 months of good, fun pickleball at the Weeks Center, we have decided that the dust has settled and it's time to see where we stand and how we can improve on the sport we all love to play! Please take a few minutes to fill out this ANONYMOUS survey. Your answers will dictate how we proceed. Even if you have only played occasionally, your input is important to us. Please submit this survey by September 15. Thanks so much!

* 1. Describe your standard of play.

* 2. How many times a week do you play?

* 3. When do you prefer to play?

* 4. Why have you stopped coming out as often or why did you stop coming out entirely? (Please check all applicable answers)

* 5. We are considering offering a four week instructional course for Beginners/Advanced Beginners on Mondays for the first hour of play, followed by "open play". If applicable, would you consider participating in this?

* 6. Would you like to have designated times for specific levels of play?

* 7. Would you play in a competitive league ladder if there was one?

* 8. If made available, would you be interested in purchasing an Annual Pickleball User Pass (cost $45) which would allow you to play as often as you like throughout the year? Recreation membership would be required (free for City residents; $75 indivdual or $125 family annual membership fee for non-residents).

* 9. If you have any additional thoughts or comments on what we can do to improve your pickleball experience at the Weeks Center, please take the time to discuss them below. We appreciate your honesty and thoughtful feedback.