Applications must be submitted the semester prior to intended enrollment in SRM670. Upon completing the application, e-mail Dr. Bonnie Tiell at Your mentor will be contacted for verification and the registrar's office will verify your academic standing. Pending approval, you will be authorized to begin your contact hours and you will be added to the course enrollment.  Contact Dr. Tiell with questions or for clarification (

* 1. Enter the semester and year you wish to enroll in the course

* 2. Complete each field to provide your contact and employment information

* 3. Which of the following best describes your current job level?

* 4. Complete each field to provide your education information

* 5. Tiffin University will publish a Sport Management MBA Directory including phone and contact information in a password protected location available only to current students or alumni. A general directory without phone numbers or e-mail addresses will be published on a public domain. Do you give permission for your information to be published in the Tiffin University Sport Management MBA Directory?

* 6. Complete each field as it pertains to your Sport Mentor and the Mentorship Experience:

* 7.
Use the space below to identify your title and the general role you will have during the sport mentorship experience:

* 8. Use the space below to list three or four duties and responsibilities during the mentorship experience.

* 9.
I agree the following is true:
  • The information provided is accurate and true. I am in good academic standing having completed a minimum of 12 hours (6 courses) in the MBA program with a 3.0 or higher GPA.
  • I will abide by the regulations of the institution and the sponsoring sports organization.
  • I verify that the individual identified as my mentor has agreed to participate as a site supervisor, contribute to my professional development, and to evaluate my performance.
  • I understand I am responsible for arranging transportation to and from the site and will meet all financial responsibilities connected with the sport mentorship including tuition, student fees, and any other arrangements regardless of whether I receive compensation.
  • I will satisfactorily complete all educational requirements associated with the sports mentorship course (SRM670) including a daily log documenting a minimum of 200 contact hours, a daily journal, all evaluations, and all assignments.

* 10. I am willing to mentor an undergraduate Tiffin University sport management student by contacting them via phone or e-mail and engaging in a conversation about professional development and job prospecting in the field.