• Broadcast Amsterdam is trialling an English language internet radio station for Amsterdam.
  • We want to provide an entertaining, useful, and community-led platform for all of Amsterdam.
  • Please answer these eight short questions to help us make a radio station you'd listen to.
Cathy Leung
Executive Producer

* 1. Should there be an English language radio station for Amsterdam?

* 2. What should the radio station broadcast?

* 3. How often would you listen to it?

* 4. Would you like to use the new radio station to share something with the local community?

(e.g. events / music / club / campaign / business)

* 5. Would you like to get involved? (eg present a show, record interviews, plan music ...)

* 6. What artist or radio have you been listening to recently?

* 7. Any other comments?

* 8. Thank you for completing our short survey. 

  • If you want to get involved ...  
  • If you want to share something with our radio audience ...
  • If you want to stay updated on the radio's latest developments ...  

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