1. Welcome!

Welcome to the UDVC's statewide DV trainers survey.

The Utah Domestic Violence Council is conducting an ongoing statewide domestic violence training and education survey to gather a picture of how available and prevalent DV training is on a statewide basis.

While the information gathered in this survey will help assess the prevalence of DV training throughout the state, its main goal is to both recognize gaps in training and education currently offered, and to address any unnecessary duplication in services.

For the results of this survey to be accurate and effective we ask that you fill it out once for each time you or someone from your agency conducts a DV related training in Utah. If you conduct several trainings a month and you keep track of similar statistics through a different program, i.e. a reporting program required by funders, you do not need to fill this survey out, instead please contact ksutton@udvac.org with your data. The UDVC recognizes that this survey needs to be short and easy to use for individuals to participate, therefore, if you have any suggestions please email them to ksutton@udvc.org.

Thank you for your participation in this survey project!