1. A. Web Site

1. How often do you visit the RGC web site?

2. What main sections of the web site do you typically visit? Please check all the apply

3. How often do you experience technical difficulties while using the web site (e.g., long page downloading times, error messages)?

4. What, if anything, do you find to be a challenge in using the RGC website? Please check all that apply.

5. Overall, how would you rate the RGC web site on the following characteristics?

  Not at all Slightly Moderately Very Extremely
Easy to Navigate
Visually Appealing

6. Overall, how would you rate the web site?

7. Would you visit the web site again, if need arises?

8. Do you have any suggestions for how the web site might be improved? If so, please write them in the space below.

B. Personal Information

9. To which of the following catgories do you belong?

10. What country are you from?

11. If you are from Canada, what province are you from?

***Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey. Your opinions are important to us!****