The HEE Knowledge for Healthcare Resource Discovery Group would be grateful for your time in completing this questionnaire so that we can get a complete picture of NHS funded electronic resources procurement across the NHS in England (not print or eJournals). We'd like to know what you purchase, how you purchase and how it is funded. The information provided will allow us to negotiate with suppliers to provide better deals for collaborative procurement, ensuring we are providing a return on investment and better value for money.
If you already purchase as part of a collaborative agreement, please provide details in the comments box for each question. Alternatively, if your area already has this data collated then please send the compiled data to

PLEASE NOTE: This survey is for local purchases only (i.e at Trust level). Do not include resources purchased at a regional/LETB level or National level. Do not include print or electronic Journals in your response; a separate survey will be circulated later in the year.

PLEASE NOTE: You may wish to preview the survey at this link before attempting to complete it. The preview survey will not collect any data although you will be required to select an option where the questions are mandatory. The 'done' button saves the survey up to that question; if you use the same browser and device, it will return you to that point if you come back to it later.

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