How do you want to connect and grow with the LOOM community?

At our last monthly LOOM MeetUp at Z Bakery, we decided to do some different community building activities in the coming months. It could be educational, developmental, networking oriented, or strictly social. This would be in addition to our Mon/Wed coworking sessions at Beef's in Baxter.

Please mark below the ideas YOU would be interested in and please help us with "OTHER" ideas as well! This will help us now and in our future programming for the facility... THANK YOU!!! 

* 1. When would you prefer to meet LOOM community members? Rank in order of preference

* 2. There are lots of great events in metro Charlotte and throughout York County. How interested would you be in attending free (or cheap) social and professional events with other community members as a group? (aka - mass mooching off of other coworking community's activities!)