Purpose of the Survey and the Project

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This survey is part of a study undertaken by Regional Technology Strategies and sponsored by the Piedmont Triad Partnership to examine the ways in which creativity and the arts contribute to the economic vitality of the region. The Partnership’s goal with this survey is to understand the demographics and needs of the creative people in the Piedmont Triad in order to develop creative solutions for the 12-county region. The responses to the survey will provide the data needed to communicate the story of our creative economy in both rural and urban environments. This "story" will help in attracting new businesses, jobs, and people to the Piedmont Triad region.

For the purposes of this survey, "arts" means not only visual arts, but also music, writing, theater, design, dance, and craft and artisan pursuits - and "artist" should be taken to mean painter, filmmaker, screenwriter, musician, graphic designer, weaver, etc. In particular, we are interested in what makes artists want to live and work in the Piedmont Triad, and what could be done to make the region an even better place to be an artist and creative individual.

This survey is anonymous and confidential. We do not ask for any identifying information and responses will be reported only in the aggregate. We plan to use the survey responses to inform a plan for further developing the arts and creativity in the Piedmont Triad region in ways that will boost the local economy and enhance the quality of life. Thank you for taking the time to participate. We could not move forward without your help.

* 1. Are you currently a student at a college or university in the area?