The Faculty focuses on developing procurement best practice for large, blue-chip organisations. For the last twelve months, we have been engaging corporate Australia in a discussion around Social Procurement – that is, how corporates can direct their procurement spend towards social outcomes.

Social Traders is a nonprofit organisation established in 2008 to support and encourage the establishment of commercially viable social enterprises throughout Australia.

The Faculty and Social Traders are undertaking research into this area for corporates with a focus on Social Enterprise. The aim is to better understand which businesses are involved, what is working and why. Specifically;
• Who is currently doing Social Procurement, why and how?
• Who plans to conduct Social Procurement, why and how?
• Who does not intend to and why?

This study will include this quantitative survey of major corporates, as well as qualitative case studies of how these companies are reaping the financial and non-financial benefits of supporting social enterprises. We believe this research is the first of its kind in Australia and potentially the world. It is expected this will lead to a better understanding of how private businesses and others can effectively procure from Social Enterprises.

If you would like to discuss the survey in detail, or submit any additional information please contact The Faculty - info@thefaculty.com.au

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