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100% of survey complete.

* 1. A staff member returned my call within one business day of leaving a message.

* 2. I was informed about family groups/counseling.

* 3. I was provided information about outside support groups.

* 4. Overall, are you satisfied with the service(s) you received during your family member’s participation in our treatment program?

* 5. I would refer others to Grace Harbour.

* 6. The knowledge gained in family groups/counseling.

* 7. The support by counselors and other clinicians given in to my family.

* 8. The support I am now seeing from other family members.

* 9. The overall improvement in how I feel, having attended groups, family, or individual sessions with clinicians at Grace Harbour.

* 10. The overall improvement I see in my family member since he/she has been in treatment at Grace Harbour.