Please answer ONLY 5 questions out of 7 questions provided. The question no 5 and 7 are compulsory. This exam will be for 24 Hours from Monday 7PM to Tuesday 7PM. 

* 1. According marketing evolution philosophies, there are five concepts recognized. Mention these five concepts and explain each concept.

* 2. There are  six major environmental forces need to concern by marketers. Explain these six forces

* 3. In marketing subject we know two types of market i.e. consumer and business market.
A. What is the differences between consumer and business market
B. Give five products sold in consumer and business market
C. Explain the purchase decision process for both consumer and business market

* 4. Imagine that you are the owner of retail shop. Set up a Customer Loyalty Program for your customers. Explain why do you set up that program

* 5. Think of various product categories.
A. In each segmenta- tion scheme, to which segment do you feel you belong?
B. How would marketing be more or less effective for you de- pending on the segment?
C. How would you contrast demo- graphic and behavioral segment schemes?

* 6. Why marketers need to have brand equity. Discuss the ways to create a strong brand equity (hint: use brand resonance theory)

* 7. Marketers need to create Point of Parity (POP) and Point of Differences (POD). Explain:
A. What is Point of Parity and Point of Differences
B. Why does marketer needs to create Point of Parity and Point of Differences
C. What POP and POD can be created for Coca Cola

* 8. Name

* 9. NIM