Nomination criteria

The nominee may be anyone who has volunteered his or her time, energy and effort to a B'nai B'rith building, and by initiative and drive has improved the lives of the residents. Potential nominees include, but are not limited to: a member of the Board of Directors, Committee Chairpersons, and volunteers in the building.

The winner will be profiled in the Fall issue of the Seniority Report.

Question Title

* 1. Nominee:

Question Title

* 2. Nominated by:

Question Title

* 3. How many years has the nominee been a volunteer at the building?

Question Title

* 4. Nominee’s current volunteer position at the project.

Question Title

* 5. Please describe the reason(s) for nominating this person using the following criteria :

(a) nominee’s outstanding achievements and contributions to improving the lives of the residents or improving the facility; has performed ongoing work to maintain and/or improve the building; or has developed and implemented programs and activities for the residents. Give specific examples of how these achievements and contributions display a personal commitment to the life of the community and deserve recognition;

(b) any special skills or talents the nominee possesses that enables this individual to be successful, e.g., organizational skills, financial acumen, problem solving, working with others, initiative, creativity, etc.;

(c) summarize your overall impression of the nomination.