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Overview and Consent to Participate

The cyber security industry employs over 6,500 people in Ireland. It is estimated that almost 30,000 professionals have Cyber security related skills, and Cyber Ireland has mapped over 120 courses that can lead to a cyber security career.

Companies in Ireland are reporting a shortage of cyber security professionals, however, there is limited skills data specific to cyber security in Ireland and this provides a challenge in understanding the current skills landscape, needs and where there are challenges.

To address this, we are launching the first annual Cyber Security Skills survey that will provide better data to understand the current cyber labour market in Ireland.

Survey Objectives: This survey aims to understand:
- where the current skills and skills gaps are across organisations in Ireland,
- the effects of the cyber skills shortages,
- the skill needs organisations are challenged to meet through training & recruitment,
- diversity in the cyber security community, and
- what are the recommendations for the Government, Academia and industry?

Why Participate?
- Provide up to date data, representative of the Irish marketplace, which will be used to identify and address skills challenges for the cyber security sector.
- An opportunity to highlight your challenges relating to cyber security skills, recruitment, retention and training in Ireland. 
- You will be invited to a briefing session to discuss the results and input into recommendations. 
- You will receive the completed Cyber Ireland Skills Survey Report.

Survey Respondent: The survey is targeted at the most senior person responsible for cyber security in the organisation and the HR Manager. Only one survey is to be completed for each organisation.
For any questions, or to check if your organisation has completed the survey, contact:
Privacy / Confidentiality:
All of the information that you provide will be treated as confidential and will only be used for research purposes. Your responses and comments will not be identified as belonging to you, or your organisation. Instead they will be combined with those gathered from other survey participants, and will be analysed as part of a group. Only authorised staff has access to survey data and they are obliged to respect its confidentiality.

Your participation is voluntary. You are entitled to ask that part, or all, of the record of your involvement in the survey be deleted or destroyed.

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