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Informed Consent Form for:
Community Leaders Survey

* 1. You are being asked to participate in a research project conducted by Robert D. Blagg in the School of Behavioral and Organizational Sciences, Claremont Graduate University (CGU). You are being asked because you are age 18 years or older and a member of a community.

PURPOSE: The purpose of this study is to survey your opinions of religious community leaders.

PARTICIPATION: You will be asked to read statements made by aspiring community leaders and report your opinions of them. We expect your participation to take about 15 minutes.

RISKS & BENEFITS: There are no foreseeable risks associated with your participation in this study. We expect the project to benefit you by possibly furthering your understanding of the community in which you live. In addition, we expect this research to benefit society and social science by advancing knowledge of how community leaders are perceived.

COMPENSATION: You will receive no compensation for your participation.

VOLUNTARY PARTICIPATION: Please understand that participation is completely voluntary. Your decision whether or not to participate will in no way affect your current or future relationship with CGU or its faculty, students, or staff [and your institution]. You have the right to withdraw from the research at any time without penalty. You also have the right to refuse to answer any question(s) for any reason, without penalty.

CONFIDENTIALITY: Your individual privacy will be maintained in all publications or presentations resulting form this study. In order to preserve the confidentiality of your responses, we have assigned a random number to this consent form and the questionnaire you will fill out. You will not be asked to provide you name or any information, other than your email address, which may be used to identify you. Your email address and electronic survey responses will be password protected and the computer they will be stored on will be kept in a locked room.

If you have any questions or would like additional information about this research, please contact me at 909-607-7116, 123 E. 8th St., Claremont, CA 91711, Robert.Blagg@cgu.edu. You can also contact my research collaborator/advisor at Michael.Hogg@cgu.edu. The CGU Institutional Review Board, which is administered through the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP), has approved this project. You may also contact ORSP at (909) 607-9406 with any questions.

A copy of this consent form will be emailed upon request.

By answering “yes” below, you indicate that you understand the above information, have had all of your questions about participation on this research project answered, and you voluntarily consent to participate in this research.