About our milk

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* 1. 1.        How does our raw milk solve a problem for you? (or make you feel?)

* 2. 1.        What about SFFC raw milk matters the most to you?

* 3. 1.        What frustrates you the most about the current options in raw milk availability?

* 4. Do you understand the difference in A2 and A1 milk? 

* 5. Does it matter to you that we ONLY have A2 milk available? 

* 6. Do you follow our test results? 

* 7. How important is it that we are RAWMI listed and obligated under that listing to test our milk regularly?  

* 8. How safe do you feel YOUR milk is? 

* 9. Would you like to see MORE testing of the cows? CA is a TB free state now so TB testing is no longer required, would you like us to test anyway? 

* 10. Is there anyway we can assure you better about the quality of our milk?