1. Library Instruction Evaluation

Please help us to improve our library instruction by evaluating the instructional session you just attended.

* 1. For which of your classes was this library instruction session?

* 2. Which librarian taught this instructional session?

* 3. The content of the presentation met your class objectives.

* 4. The content of the presentation supported your class' assignment.

* 5. The students seemed to understand the material presented.

* 6. The level of instruction was appropriate.

* 7. The librarian who taught this session gave an organized and clear presentation.

* 8. The librarian demonstrated print and/or electronic sources of information relevant to this course.

* 9. The search techniques taught in this class will help students with their assignment(s).

* 10. The librarian was open to questions and helpful in general.

* 11. What aspect(s) of this session did you think were particularly helpful to your students?

* 12. What suggestions do you have to improve library instruction for your class?