Help the City of Hailey Prioritize Sidewalk Segments

Pathways for People (funded by a 2-year tax levy) includes maintaining existing sidewalks. This survey is regarding sidewalk segments that have been identified as the worst sidewalks in the City of Hailey. In most cases these sidewalks need replacing, some will be rerouted around mature trees, and vegetation trimmed back to allow access. Because funds are limited and actual project costs are unknown until bidding is complete, we must prioritize the sidewalk segments shown on the map below, and determine which sidewalks to improve first. After the highest priority sidewalks are improved, the remaining funds will be used to improve the next highest priority sidewalk segment and so on, until funding is expended.

The sidewalks along Croy St. and 2nd Ave. are within the corridor where other Pathways for People improvements will occur, primarily improving bike infrastructure. Improving sidewalks here, would complete the upgrades to these two corridors and provide both pedestrian and bike infrastructure upgrades for Hailey. 

Sidewalk Segments

Sidewalk Segments

* 1. Please prioritize the following sidewalk segments from 1 to 5, with 1 being the highest priority. Use each number only once.

* 2. Please tell us where you live.